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    Rose Quartz
    Rosie Rose Earrings
    Moiety Pendant
    Lupine Earrings
    Extra Large Alaska Botanical Earrings
    Sunset Copper & Spruce Root Earrings
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    Abalone & Copper Earrings
    Children's "Culture Rich" Hoodie in Eagle or Raven, Unisex
    Children's " Culture Rich" Hoodie in Raven or Eagle, Unisex
    "Culture Rich" Lightweight Hoodie in Eagle or Raven, Unisex
    Silver Botanical Earrings
    Wild Salmon Necklace
    I love you to the Moon & Back Necklace with Scarf
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    Culture Rich Flowy T-Shirt, Eagle or Raven
    Culture Rich Shawl Hoodie, Raven or Eagle
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    Culture Rich Window Decal
    Tinah Visions
    Sitka Rose Cuff
    Aren't We a Pair; Necklace Set
    Love Sticks Together; Necklace Set
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  • Alaska Mary


    I am an Alaskan Native who is passionate about my Tlingit culture. I express myself through making jewelry and art. I find great joy in working in film. When not creating, I am foraging for indigenous plants for cooking and medicine making.


    Currently I carve silver, copper and gold. Many of my pieces have spruce root woven into them. I hand carve, shape and cut all of my materials to create unique pieces, as well as harvesting and preparing the spruce roots that I weave into many of my metal works. Although I may repeat certian designs, each peice of jewlery is a one-of-a-kind. My style is Tlingit form line mixed with scroll work. Many of my inspirations come from local plants. I delight in creating heirloom pieces that are unique to an individual or family.


    I have learned most of my jewelry trade from Jennie Wheeler (who is my mother) and from Dave Galanin. Jennie sews with furs and skins and weaves baskets. Dave Galanin is a master carver and jewelry maker.



    Photo: Mary & son Ryker

    Photo credit: Crystal Houghtelling

    Photo from the Tlingit Legends Collection












    Alaska Mary handmade jewelry is one of three things: Unsealed metals (copper, silver, gold)Sealed metalsMetal with spruce roots woven in When purchasing Alaska Mary jewelry, knowing the difference between the three will help you be able to care appropriately for your collection. Jewelry will...
    August 18, 2015 · BEHIND THE ART
    Upon first look, the spruce root may seem plain and boring, but once you touch it, feel it, use it….wear it, it will enchant you. Well, as least it did for me. Could it be because I am from Yakutat, the very place spruce root basketry was born that I have this deep attachment and love for these...
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