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Caring for your jewelry

Now that you own Alaska Mary jewelry, caring for your jewelry is an important part of owning it. Follow these little tips to keep it beautiful, just like you!

Alaska Mary handmade jewelry is one of three things:

  • Unsealed metals (copper, silver, gold)
  • Sealed metals
  • Metal with spruce roots woven in

When purchasing Alaska Mary jewelry, knowing the difference between the three will help you be able to care appropriately for your collection.

Jewelry will include a "Caring for your Jewelry" card, indicating which type of jewelry you have. This card is also posted on the website for easy reference.

Just as a reminder for those who are sensitive to metals, I am happy to switch out your earring hooks for Niobium (naturally hypo-allergenic) hooks. For bracelets and necklaces, I can include a sealant so the metals do not directly touch your skin.

For those prone to losing earrings, don't forget to ask me for earring backs.

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